*NEW* Professional Development Resources

Co-Chairs: Alex Bruce & Kate Reeve

Our mission is to build a scholarly community of students that strengthens skills important for the professional careers of MSE students. We will partner with diverse groups, including MSE faculty & staff, undergraduates, and other GSAs to provide programming to make students more professionally successful.

Committee members will contribute to our mission by hosting events, inviting speakers, brainstorming ideas, disseminating information about external professional development events, and coordinating with other groups. The committee members will represent the MSE graduate student population as a whole, with several incoming students serving on the professional development committee as well.

This year we will host student-invited seminar speakers for MSE690, as well as provide seminars on career development, mental health, departmental diversity, and prelim and final defense requirements. Additionally, we propose to enhance our outreach to incoming, first-year graduate students by offering a special seminar series highlighting topics of interest, such as: applying for fellowships, top ten graduate school tips, and mentor/mentee relationships. More topics will be added based on committee member involvement and feedback from the graduate students. MSEGSA will provide refreshments at all hosted professional development seminars.