Our mission is to introduce and educate the public about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). By addressing the many applications for engineering materials and how they work we hope to increase visibility for the field of materials engineering in particular. Materials engineering is a diverse field and the people in the field reflect this. We all have different backgrounds and stories that have brought us to study materials, which we aim to communicate in our interactions with the community. At the end of the day, engineers are problem solvers and in materials engineering we solve people’s problems by creating, developing, designing, and testing materials. We reach out to local k-12th grade students, college-bound students, and parents in the Greater Lafayette area through a variety of fun-filled yet informative demonstrations and hands-on activities.


Space Day at Purdue

Spring Fest at Purdue

Imagination Station in Downtown Lafayette

SEEP (Seniors Exploring Engineering at Purdue)   

NanoDays at Purdue

For Volunteers:

  • Our audience is anyone and everyone from K-12 grade- college students- parents
  • We volunteer over 100 hrs a year
  • We rely on you to make it happen

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